Matjes Hash brown

1 Mtjes filet, Red onion, tomato,

cucumber, 4 small hash browns,

Sour crème on the side.


Warm “Gubbröra” grandpa favorite.

1-2 majes filets, 1 diced egg. Chopped

Onion, dill, parsley, chives, tomato,

Butter, sliced radish.

Do not use a cold plate favorable warm.

Put the ingredients on top of the herring,

Heat the butter until slightly brown. Pore

It over the Herring with the ingredients.


Solöga Sun yea

Capers, chopped onion and

Red beats, I Matjes filet cut,

Onion rings + egg yolk.


Matjes wheel

Matjes filet cut sideways,

1-2 sliced boiled potatoes in bottom

Radish sliced, shopped onion 2tbl

Chives, crème fresh

Important to pure over the herring to get

It soft.


Extra sauce to the goodies.

Crème fresh/ sour crème mix with

Mustard and Honey after taste it is

a excellent complement.