Wild Delights AB Swedish Food



 Our company motto is to be, the best full service partner for the Importer/distributor by supplying a large and wide assortment of Swedish products. We consolidate the products by transport from Sweden and promote them in different markets around the world. This is done by working in close relation with our production companies and our clients. This close relationship enables us to build the WD brand and promote all the products under one marketing strategy. Our aim for the consumer is not only to sell and produce Swedish products, but to give them an experience and pleasure of Swedish food at its best!

WD is a Swedish Export Company. Our business is to work together with other Swedish companies for better export. We have a unique concept of putting together a Swedish assortment of products. The companies work together to minimize the costs and to have a more interesting portfolio of products. The combined assortment makes better transport possibilities, marketing and control.

WD works on the consumer market, foodservice/catering market, with dry, refrigerated and frozen goods. The main markets today are in Europe and North America.

WD also works as a consolidator for an Canadian firm and source product for the same firms in the Scandinavian region.

WD has its own brand and sells that especially to Canada and Europe .

We also do private label. The products are Swedish berries/marmalades, herring, salmon, wild game, confectionery, bread, cookies and sauces. The product range is targeted on special Swedish tastes, production or raw materials that can be found in Sweden.

WD specializes in organic products and products that are accepted by different ethnic groups. We emphasize high product standards and taste, with natural ingredients. We have a special program for allergy conscious consumers, products that are free from substances like Gluten.

WD works with the food industry regarding various export questions and does control of the factories regarding EC standards, packaging control and design. HACCP.

WD is consolidating transport from different production plants in Scandinavia to two main transport centers. WD use a few selected transporters specialized in combined transports.

We do not only sell Swedish food Products, we sell an Experience and pleasure of Swedish food